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Sun, wind, rain, humidity, and dust are the enemies of the boat.
After the season of cruising and racing, the boat enters into a long winter sleep to wake up with the first spring sun.
During these winter months, the boat deck whether in gelcoat or teak, all the hardware (winches, stoppers, halyards, trucks, blocks), the wood of the cockpit, the trasparent hatches, every surface exposed to the elements, if not protected, it will undergo a rapid degradation.
Blue Phoenix realizes complete or partial covers to give your boat the protection required so that the winter season does not leave its marks.
The winter cover, made by Blue Phoenix with high quality technical materials, waterproof and breathable so as not to cause condensation inside the boat or on the deck, it will be like a tailored suit for your boat.

How Blue Phoenix makes a cover for your boat:

1) highly qualified Blue Phoenix staff will make an inspection on the boat and will recommend the shipowner on the best type of cover for his needs (complete cover of the boat topside in and out of water for long periods of inactivity; partial cover for owners who sail even in winter, and want a quickly assembly and disassembly of the cover, etc.).
2) Triangulation on board of surfaces by the designer and takeover of all of the necessary measures (rigging passage, stays, reinforcements on the stanchions and pulpits, GPS antennas, mooring lines and springs passage, fenders passage, etc.).
3) Integration of data collected in AUTOCAD software for the development of the cover.
4) Pass data from Autocad to the cutting bench computer for nesting, in order to distribute the individual panels to project into the piece of material which, lying on the laser bank, will be cut according to the data entered by the designer.
The laser beam will cut each panel without touching the material, which, retained on the micro-cutting bench by powerful suction pumps, will not undergo any displacement allowing the cut and cauterized panel, to keep unchanged the shape of the initial project.
5) The individual panels glued with a special glue for acrylic materials, anti-mold, will be stitched with thread Sun Stop and hydro sensitive (in contact with the moisture swells to seal the stitching).
6) Each junction zipper is covered with a special flap sewn on one side and fixed with velcro on the other side in order to entirely cover the zipper from rain and UV rays.
7) Each passage of rigging, stays, mast is completed with strap and fastening tape to prevent the creep of rain.
8) Each point of touch with stanchions and pulpits is reinforced.
9) In the inner part of the cover are sewn buttonholes with elastics complete of fixing hooks for rail in order to make a quick mounting.
10) In the longitudinal (bow - stern) of the cover are applied and sewn long tape so that the tension of the cover is uniform and well distributed.
11) When the cover is ready, the specialist Blue Phoenix staff will take cover on board and will mount it to check that everything meets the high quality standard Blue Phoenix.
12) The cover at the end of the first season, will be submitted by Blue Phoenix to a free check-up.
13) The cover will have a two year warranty.
14) The shipowner, for any technical advice, will be in Blue Phoenix a safe and professional support service.


BLUE PHOENIX di Toffano Nicoletta
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