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The sail loft is spread over an area of 720 square meters open space. The sewing machines are located in holes made in the floor in order to make a great worktop on which the sails, even of large size, can slide without difficulty. The floor-top of work is entirely of wood in order to be able to set sail with the appropriate punches.

Blue Phoenix before making sails or covers, with the contribution of highly qualified staff, takes the measures on board, develops drawings, it proceeds to cutting and assembly of materials and, when the work is done, it proceed to sea trial in the case of sails or the mounting board in the case of covers and accessories.
The shipowner from first contact through the use of the finished product, will receive from Blue Phoenix quality, warranty and service.

For the design, cutting materials and assembly of sails, Blue Phoenix employs highly specialized staff and the latest hardware and software as AzureProject SMAR-Azure Ltd. It is a complete program that allows to draw the volume of the sail and then to design the fiber, by choosing the type, the density and the positioning of each single fiber. The software allows to create the simulation of the boat on the equipment of the sail placement, together with other sails, in order to be able to proceed with an accurate fluid dynamics and structural analysis of the product thus produced.

Blue Phoenix for the cut of the sail panels uses the laser cutting that allows to develop accurately the shapes designed in the computer: the material, whether it be cloth or laminate, is retained on the microperforated cutting bench by powerful suction pumps, it is cut by the laser beam into individual panels without being touched and is cauterized to avoid "fraying" caused by the cutting blade.

This translates into a perfect correspondence between design and cutting of the panels for the realization of extremely high performance sails: a "must" for racing sails and an added value for cruising sails.


BLUE PHOENIX di Toffano Nicoletta
Sede leg.: Via Comugne 67/D - 30028 S. Michele al Tagliamento (VE)
Veleria: Via Enrico Fermi 49 - 33058 S. Giorgio di Nogaro (UD)
Tel. 0039 (0) 431 558153 - Fax 0039 (0) 431 558761
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